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We teach selling techniques that allow clients to maintain honor and authenticity throughout the sales process. Our teachings are provided in an easy-to-digest format that breaks down the most advanced concepts and strategies in a way that is readily usable and delivers immediate and sustainable results.

The Science of Sales

Our methodology is based on neuroeconomics and the influence of logic on human behavior – incorporating the disciplines of behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience to determine how people make decisions.

The Art (and Heart) of Sales

Our practice is based on developing your ability to ‘tune in’ to other people and ‘speak their language’ –upgrading interpersonal skills such as storytelling, empathy, persuasion, and influence – all of which are founded on principles of emotional and social intelligence. 

We provide efficient and highly effective, methodical sales training that delivers specific measurable results and builds rewarding lifelong relationships with prospects and clients.

We believe in nurturing entrepreneurs just like you to engage clients in an honorable exchange of information that is clear, authentic, and truly serves to create win-win agreements and synergy between client and provider.

Our coaching programs, courses, and training workshops cultivate your interpersonal skills and ability to persuade, while providing the support to transform your products and services into a profitable and predictable source of income so you can lead a meaningful business and create lasting impact.

We encourage you to join our community, and interact and share your experience with each other in our Facebook group.

Success is not an accident.

You have one life to achieve everything

you want to achieve.

You must act accordingly.

– John Payne


John helps committed entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level through his transformational sales training workshops and coaching programs. As an award-winning author, speaker, and peak performance coach, John is known for his confident and impactful style of speaking on sales psychology as a catalyst for transformation in business and in life. He formed Selling With Honor to help those who do things with passion and purpose – coaches, consultants, business owners, and sales professionals, who want to connect deeply with their clients. In a market full of disdain for salespeople and skepticism around shady tactics, Selling With Honor is a resource and a system for “the good guys” that believe in massive profit and massive impact. 

2016 – Launched GreenLife Books on Amazon


2016 – Launched GreenLife Books on Amazon


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